Matt Waite Pottery

Matt worked in potteries in Bath and the Hebrides throughout the 1990’s and decided to set up

his own workshop in 2001 at Stowford Farm in Wiltshire, which is where he is still based.


Producing a range of tableware alongside individual and larger pieces Matt uses a Cornish

stoneware clay. His pieces are fired in an 18 cuft gas kiln, built in 2004, which takes up to

14 hours to reach the top temperature of 1300c.


The glazes, which are mostly oriental in origin, include copper reds, iron rich tenmoku, shino,

kaki, blue jun and a cream coloured chun. Other glazes make use of estuary mud and wood ash,

creating the character and colour of the glaze.


Matt at his kiln heavily 'reducing'

flames towards the end of a firing.

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Exciting Solo Exhibition in Bath!

I am delighted to be holding a solo exhibition in Bath from

20th November to 3rd December. You can find out more here.